About Us


Select Companies.Co. is based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.We specialize in building high end townhomes. Our company’s mission is to expand and inspire the Sioux Falls community with the highest quality of  rental townhomes,  We also have RV spaces and Storage rentals.

Select Builders Inc., started business in 2002, and is continuing to grow and has become a major contender in the housing development market in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area. We are dedicated to the finest service, starting with the bare lots to the finished home. We excel in quality, customer service, efficiency, and safety. Our signature is our happy and satisfied tenants are more than confident to give as our best references.

We have many great town homes available for lease. Check out the special rates and offers at Santa Rosa EstatesSouthwoods Townhomes and Villas. Graystown town homes, Tigerway townhomes in Harrisburg and Ivy townhomes in Tea SD.


Select Companies is co-owned by Sam Wipf and Brian Wollman of Sioux Falls, SD.

Sam and Brian started working together in late 1998, and started “ground floor” ventures, eventually leading to Select Builders Inc.

The values and hard work ethics they had while growing up are constantly with them and will continue to be a very important factor in both their business and personal lives.

Sam’s background is of a very strong work ethic and family life. Sam comes from a Hutterite Colony at Spring Creek, SD. Sam left the colony at a young age and used all of his training and education to strike out on his own, to which has served him well.

Sam has excelled in business as well as in his personal life. Along with his wife Jane, they are raising 5 children. Brian’s background is just as solid. Brian originally came from a Hutterite Colony at Maple River, ND. Brian also left the colony at a young age and became successful in his work and businesses. Brian has two children.

Sam and Brian’s employees are from a diversified background. The employees are loyal and have longevity. Sam and Brian’s’ philosophy on the treatment of employees is similar to family. They treat them well and in return they are given 100% of quality work and this translates to a successful business.


Our mission is to continue to supply the best possible homes for renters in the Sioux Falls Area.  We are dedicated to the highest quality of product and guarantee 100 % customer satisfaction.

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